Why TAG Property & Building Brokers?

For many people, having a home built is a daunting task filled with potential pitfalls, delays, hidden costs and disappointments. At TAG Property & Building Brokers we have many years of expertise in working with award-winning designers, house builders and finance providers who work together to make the building process simple and hassle free. We’ll even help you to save money.

We know all about the stress and frustration that can arise when a building project experiences problems. We also understand the immense satisfaction and enjoyment of a project that is on schedule, on budget and results in your dream home!

We take all the responsibility from you and put it in the hands of committed and experienced experts.

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Why engaging experts makes sense

When you decide to build a house, you may approach it like the following:

Building with TAG Property & Building Brokers removes these burdens from you and places them in the hands of committed and experienced experts.

Here’s an example:

We recently compared the price of building two identical houses one quoted by a recognised, quality project builder and the other by one of TAG’s approved builders. The difference – on a $260,000 property – was 15% in favour of the TAG approved builder. Not only that, but our preferred builders can have the standard house slab down on site within three to five months which means we get your home started sooner, whereas the project builder would have taken considerably longer. Taking between eight to ten months to get on site is not uncommon.

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TAG Property & Building Brokers make building easy

We take all the hassle out of the building process:

What we offer

At the end of the day TAG Property & Building Brokers provide a complete home building service that is customised to each individual client.

How does the TAG Property & Building Brokers process work?

The first step is a free, no obligation consultation with an experienced TAG Property & Building Brokers representative.

With information gathered at the initial consultation, your representative will approach a designer to draw up the plans unless you already have your own.

The next stage is to decide on the right builder for the job.

We can get all the paperwork through a lot more quickly than a regular project builder so your TAG approved builder will be on site and commence work a lot more quickly.

The TAG Property & Building Brokers service doesn’t end there. We will stay by your side right up until the day you turn the key in your new front door.

Benefit from our builder relationships

Because we supply our approved builders with regular work they don’t have to build expensive display homes and pay for sales reps to man them. They save money on staff salaries and on marketing and advertising costs. Our approved builders can even offer volume discounts because of the work they receive from us. All these savings are passed on to you so everybody wins.

How we save you money:

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Honesty Policy

We believe in total transparency. After all, WE are working for YOU.
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TAG Property & Building Brokers custom design

At TAG Property & Building Brokers we have access to some of Perth’s finest building designers who can create truly unique custom-designed homes based precisely on your requirements, desires and lifestyle. Custom design takes into consideration the aspect of the block, orientation of the home, energy efficiency, room sizes and all the details that you want in your new home.

Ready-made display homes are built to fit the block they are displayed on but they will rarely fit comfortably on the block of land you own. You might be able to make a few changes to the design but seldom enough to make the home exactly as you want it.

Choose a custom-designed house through TAG Property & Building Brokers and you’re sure to get the home you want. The only things that limit your choice are your imagination and your budget. And, remember, even with the custom-built option, we can help to save you money.

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Build to lock-up stage

You can save time and money and still put your personal touch to your new home by choosing the ‘build to lock-up stage’ option.

This means that one of our approved builders will construct your house to the point that it is weatherproof and fully secured but still requires some interior finishing.

Once the keys are handed over you take control of floor coverings, painting, window treatments and installing certain fixtures and fittings. This leaves you with full control of interior decoration. You may decide to do some of the work yourself or hire contractors to finish the property for you.

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