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Perth Investment Properties From Just $50 Per Week*

Buying an investment property is one way of building wealth. The sale price of the property will almost certainly increase over time and, if what you receive in rent per month is greater than your mortgage payment, you’re immediately in profit. There are also a number of tax benefits that flow from property investment.

However, property investment is not for everyone and there can be risks involved. At TAG Property & Building Brokers we can help you decide whether or not investing in property is right for you.

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TAG Property & Building Brokers can help you with

At TAG Property & Building Brokers, we can give you all the advice you need to become a successful property investor and help you find the best property for you.

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Why invest in WA?

Why TAG Property & Building Brokers?

Investment finance

When it comes to investing, TAG understands that everyone’s financial circumstances are different.

Let us show you the various options available to you in your particular situation and start to put together your investment and wealth roadmap.

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Investment properties

Combine the benefits of TAG’s financial expertise with these specially selected packages to maximise your returns.


TAG Property & Building Brokers specialise in the metropolitan Perth area ensuring you are close to transport, schools, shops and other amenities.

Find your dream home in Baldivis, Landsdale, Coogee, Banjup, Piara Waters, Ellenbrook, Alkimos, Caversham and more.

Contact TAG Property & Building Brokers to get full list or find out about current land availability.

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Repayment Calculator

Enter a loan amount you would like to borrow, an interest rate and the term of the loan to get the minimum monthly repayment figure and the amount of principal and interest paid. help

About the Repayment Calculator

This loan simulation is not an offer and has no legal effect. It is a rough guide only. All interest rates, repayments and other benefits are based on a personalised simulation and certain assumptions and are approximate only.

*The Fine Print

This example is based on the assumption that you contribute 5% deposit towards a $390,000 house and land package plus all bank and government fees including Mortgage Insurance and Stamp Duty if applicable. This weekly repayment has been based on a loan amount of $370,500 making principle and interest repayments over a 30-year term with a variable interest rate of 5%. If interest rates increase during the loan term this would increase the weekly repayment.

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