Honesty Policy

TAG Property & Building Brokers offer a custom built building process that almost always costs you no more than it would for a similar specified project build design, but the benefits are so much more than just financial.

TAG Property & Building Brokers are paid by way of commission included in the house price by the builder. All home builders include some form of commission in their pricing structure. Normally this would be paid to the sales consultant working FOR the building company. But, unlike the salesman, WE work for YOU and won’t disappear after you’ve signed the contract. We’ll be right there with you through the entire build process.

The total transparency of our process is what sets us apart. It’s an approach that very few other builders or brokers will match.

As part of our transparency policy, we will happily disclose our commission to you.

We have pre-negotiated a fixed and fair margin with each of our builders and guarantee that our builder’s margins will never exceed 20%.

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