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Most people who decide to build a house go to a project builder and select a home from a range of existing plans. They may be able to make a few minor changes but usually these are cosmetic not structural and they can still be expensive. In essence, they are buying a house designed for the majority, not for themselves.

If you really want the home of your dreams – the one that truly meets your needs – take the Custom Design approach with TAG Property & Building Brokers.

The TAG Custom Design Difference

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The Process

You begin with a free one hour consultation to establish exactly what it is you and your family want. You may already own a block. If not, we can help you find the perfect location.

Your TAG Custom Design representative will arrange for plans to be drawn up. TAG will then approach a number of experienced registered boutique builders who will provide competitive quotes. We’ll select the right builder and the best price. You’ll also avoid paying excessive variation fees and our builders can usually start sooner than project builders.

From start to finish, TAG will handle all aspects of project management and all the paperwork including plan registration and council approvals. We can even assist you to find the most appropriate finance.

To have your home designed and built exactly as you want it more quickly and more cost effectively, choose the Custom Design approach from TAG Property & Building Brokers.

Book your free one-hour consultation today. You’ll get the home you really want and you could save thousands.

Book your free one-hour consultation today


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